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Updated: Jul 1, 2019

A little background for this here blog: I'm studying at Apicius, the culinary and hospitality school at the Florence University of the Arts in the heart of Florence, Italy. I'll be here for the next year, earning a certificate from the Food, Wine and Wellness department on the commis-chef track and taking classes like "Physiology of Taste and Flavor,""Precision Cooking and Texture Development" and "The Science of Cooking: An Introduction to Molecular Cuisine" — as well as some more basic, less fancy-sounding courses on professional kitchens, Italian cooking techniques and pastry.

I'm doing this because I'm passionate about food writing — particularly, writing that pertains to home cooking — and I hope that this year reinvigorates my passion through challenging learning opportunities, conversations with new people and meals that remind me why food is one of the most beautiful parts of life.

I'll write here once a week about my exciting learnings, favorite meals and sappy observations. Thanks for reading!

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