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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

I started my blog in the summer of 2019 as a way to chronicle my culinary-school experience at the Apicius International School of Hospitality in Florence, Italy. I spent a year there earning a certificate in Food, Wine, and Wellness on the commis-chef track, taking classes like "Physiology of Taste and Flavor,""Precision Cooking and Texture Development," and "The Science of Cooking: An Introduction to Molecular Cuisine" — as well as some less fancy-sounding courses on professional kitchens, Italian cooking techniques, and pastry.

Before I left, I wrote: "I'm doing this because I'm passionate about food writing — particularly, writing that pertains to home cooking — and I hope that this year reinvigorates my passion through challenging learning opportunities, conversations with new people, and meals that remind me why food is one of the most beautiful parts of life."

Mission accomplished. Though a pandemic barged its way into my dream year, I was able to survive Italy's strict COVID-19 lockdown, finish my lessons virtually, volunteer on an organic farm in Tuscany, and spend the summer traveling through Puglia and Sicily — and I wrote about all of it here.

These days, I'm back in L.A., and I'll continue to use this blog as an outlet for food and feelings. Ciao <3

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Bergin Cripe
Bergin Cripe
31 août 2023

I somehow stumbled on this blog, and i have to say that this is AMAZING. I commend you, Sara, for having the courage to conquer such ways of living and being able to write all about it! Thanks for sharing! I hope your doing well, and maybe we can connect. I'm 18, I want to learn Italian and travel to Firenze!


Sara, I think you are so brave. I too look forward to hearing all about your life in Florence. ❤️


I’m really looking forward to living these adventures with you!!!


I’m proud of you, Sara!! Keep saying yes, keep chatting, don’t be afraid to get your Italian wrong. The Florentines are lovely people, especially when they know you’re not on a hit list to see everything in 2 days. Proud of you. 💙💙

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